Nov. 4th, 2009

Trouble In The Alley!


"There's only room for one "smarmy San Francisco-based independent integrated marketing communications company" in this alley, pal!"

So you probably heard about the nefarious "Stand For Marriage" anti-gay douchebaggery perpetrated by an agency right here in our little alley. Let's get one thing straight clear: That wasn't us. There are a lot of things we'd do for money. (Shut up.)  But selling out our friends, neighbors, and loved ones ain't one of them. So, if you're headed this way with pitchforks and torches, remember: we're the nice, talented not-evil people at 25 Maiden Lane; they're the soulless bloodsuckers at 58. Just follow the snail trail.

Our pals at the har har har remind us to hang in there, baby.

News via SFist; art via Pulp International.

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