Jun. 21st, 2006

HP’s computers are personal, again?

How much of your life is behind this screen? How can a box that keeps shrinking absorb more and more of the inner workings of your mind? If your hard drive, could well, um, drive where would it take us? 

This computer of yours is deeply, undeniably precious. It  knows more about you than any thing or anyone.

And if you have had your PC for even a short while (incidentally 85% of the visitors to Mortablog have had their computer for at least 6 months*) then you know, that I know, that it knows you better than anyone. 

Goodby’s new campaign for HP taps into this insight. They remind us that your PC contains pictures of your life, video of our kids, that last email from Momsy.
‘The computer is personal, again."

Actually, I don’t know about the "again" part. Until now I have never really thought of my PC as personal.

But I do now. I can now. It is personal, now.

I caught the campaign showpiece — this commercial starring Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White highlighting the contents of his computer– over someone’s shoulder in an airport bar.

It stopped me dead.

Granted HP’s observation is based on a deep insight–but I wonder if the position is ownable. And if it is, whether HP can own it even in the Windows space.

Until now, the Pavilion series has been notable because of girth not personality.

I read that HP is turning a corner. Let’s hope they have the guts to stick with the program in the long haul. This promises to beautiful campaign.

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  • Jun. 21st, 2006

    It’s really just a (much more beautiful) remix of “What’s On Your Powerbook?” innit.

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