Dec. 1st, 2006

The sleepy beaver makes millions.

Remember our post about Rozerem, the sleep aid ads that feature Abe Lincoln and a talking Beaver? See Leave it to Beavers.

The Journal reports that the makers, Takeda Pharmaceutical, have increased monthly Rozerem sales by 66% from $6.5 million in July , 2006 to $10.5 million in October, 2006.

Now the Journal is to be commended for churning out 1,000 words without pausing for a moment to consider the significance of men dreaming of chatty beavers.

But they do find time to mention that the Cramer-Krasselt-designed spots briefly show a deep-sea diver doing the dishes.

Interestingly, Takeda admits that consumers have to see the spot "six to nine" times for the information to sink in.

Although one can imagine that the sleep-deprived won’t need anywhere near as many impressions to be encouraged to ask their doc about the drug. 

Full story here.

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