Jun. 13th, 2006

The Viral window


The feedback from yesterday’s posting was essentially: This was cool, a MONTH AGO.

It seems the Soda/Mento’s thing happened months ago. The idea has since morphed into many forms, among the best is this real-life human test on YouTube.

See this typical comment (from Judy, the head of MortarPR who by rights should be last to know about the topic because she is, like, older than me and hates the Internet):

"And the mentos and coke thing is so last month…..my niece, nephew and I did this on Easter after hearing it on freakin’ NPR and looking it up on their website……it was hysterical."

At least I’m not alone. It took the Journal 30 days to fact check the story (sniff).

I had intended to attempt to use this Blog to chronicle the immediate impact of viral stories. "I’ll scribble those in the blog just as soon as they pop up" I thought way, way back on Sunday when I became el Bloggist.

Then I’ll watch for when the rest of the world pays attention.

Little did I know, that I am the rest of the world.

Oh, yesterday was also notable for my first comment from Mortar’s Mr. Affable, the (now) grumpy Mr Gurin who has a very different perspective on the Dixie Chick’s predicament. Ta, Hugh.

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