Oct. 17th, 2008

The WaterMill from Element Four Steals the show at this year’s West Coast Green

Element Four debuted their atmospheric water generator, the WaterMill, at the West Coast Green conference last month.  Conference-goers and media alike flocked to the team’s booth featuring the WaterMill.  Their innovative flagship product combines cutting-edge technology with a sustainable and cost-effective solution to one of the biggest problems facing our globe—reliable access to pure, healthy drinking water.

Gizmodo raved that the WaterMill’s process of converting air to water was “automagical,” while AOL’s tech blog Switched and Treehugger prominently featured diagrams of the WaterMill in their West Coast Green coverage.

CNET’s Green Tech TV was even able to snag an interview with CEO Rick Howard, where their reporter was able to get Howard to open up about his views on flavored water, among other things.

The sky’s the limit for these enterprising Canadian world-savers, at least until our planet’s air supply runs out…  Check it all out at www.elementfour.com

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