Mar. 5th, 2009

The Post About The Post About The Shirt About The Post.


What do we always say here at the Mortarblog? (Besides a lot of stuff about bacon.)
We say – The Kids, They Will Mess With Your Brand.

So here, what we see is – San Francisco's Pizzeria Delfina taking negative Yelp! reviews…and turning them into employee t-shirts. Could this be a case of: Your Brand, It Will Mess With The Kids?

We think it could.

From Consumerist:
"The quotes are many and varied, but apparently one of them simply says "this place sucks." Hey, its like the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make funny t-shirts to hide the pain." Wait."

First, let us say, we love this. There is nothing like a willingness to laugh at oneself that endears us more to a brand. Self-deprecating humor absolutely oozes confidence. And what are consumers screaming for these days? (Again, besides bacon.)  Confidence.

Some illuminating comments:

"I think this is actually brilliant. In a single move they are
acknowledging their bad reviews, making fun of them and adding
incentive for other people to make ludicrous bad reviews. In the long
run nobody will be able to trust the bad reviews because they could
easily have been made by somebody trying to get on a tshirt. So the
good reviews stay positive and the bad reviews are entertainment. This
pizzeria just removed the negative side to their public feedback."

"Wow, I love this idea. I love a place that doesn't take themselves too
seriously or try to avoid bad things being said about them. I'm deeply
appreciating the "@&#^ you" aspect of this.

But our story doesn't end there.
While browsing the comments section of another post about the post about the shirt about the post, we noticed a meme taking root,  – The "Yelp! Is Shaking Us Down" Conspiracy Theory.  It's as old as paid advertising – If You Don't Buy An Ad, We Can't Be Responsible For What Happens Next.

It gets even better when another commenter thinks.."Hey…you know what Yelp! ought to do?" 
Yes. Yes we do.

But wait! What's this? Somehow, the story gets even better when the Reverse Conspiracy Theory appears:

"…What pain? If pain is a glowing NY Times review than bring the pain!"

Did we just blow your mind?
Or are you more like this guy?

Can we get an "amen?" Also a large salcicca?

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