Nov. 1st, 2007

The Official Airline Of Mortar


As you may know, Virgin America recently began service from SFO to Las Vegas.
Which means we actually have a legitimate reason to fly them.
The verdict? We loves them.
Let’s listen in to some comments from the lucky few who’ve flown the sexy skies:

"In typical Virgin style, the flight attendants are young, attractive, and very eager."

"The retractable remote control/game controller/texting device is definitely their killer app."

"The ability to text other passengers is sorta nifty."

"Renata likes the chat feature – A LOT."

"…and David does not know how to use it."

"I think every business that works with the general public would be wise to install purple lights…"

"The purple acrylic wall between first class and economy is brilliant."

"It’s going to take a lot to get me back on Southwest. In fact, I’m banning taupe…"

"Better design = stronger emotional link to a brand."

"The  cheeky animated in-flight safety video was (get this) a highlight. And it just shows that if you have the courage to do something different than everyone else and you make it fun that people (jaded creative people even) will take note. I think it even spawned a short conversation before our cocktails arrived."

"They need better wine. (sorry it’s so true.)"

"It made me feel like doing some blow." 

So there you have it. Great design and some simple touches (how much do purple lights cost, really?) wow the most jaded of audiences. And there weren’t even any roving Victoria’s Secret models on this particular trip.  Those of us who didn’t get to go AND ARE NOT BITTER AT ALL are standing by in the departure lounge, ready for takeoff.


  • Nov. 5th, 2007

    Looking forward to my first flight on Virgin America in a couple weeks. I will avoid the wine.

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