Jun. 22nd, 2012

The Bird Is The Word. (Yes, Again.)

We get a little verklempt when we see brands managing conversations intelligently. They grow up so fast!


Listen to your customers? Check.

Respond in an Actual, Human Voice? Check.

Gently bip your critics upside the head while promoting product benefits? Chiggidy-check.

Very nicely done, SmartCar.


Let’s see how our young padawans at Eat24 are coming along…


Strong in this one, the Force is. See more, we should.



Thanks, P.J. Did you mean this laziness? The one that’s airing all over Comcast San Francisco right now?



Ohhhh, sorry. You meant this laziness. (That’s airing all over Comcast San Francisco right now.)




Unless you meant this laziness. (Which is also airing all over the You-Get-The-Idea right now.)



So, yes. We’re proud of our clients. Proud when they demonstrate their Conversation-fu. Proud when they put the tools we give them to good use. Proud when they remember that underwear goes on the inside of their pants.
And proud when they think up great ideas like this:



Which reminds us – Eat24’s app is live. De-bugged. And delicious. Happy Friday!




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