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February 23rd, 2010

The All-Seeing Eye of Mortar, Vol. 1.

So we're trying out a new segment on the Mortarblog. It's a little trendspotting, a little News-Of-The-Weird, a little VICE Do's-and-Don'ts. It's The All-Seeing Eye, and this week the Eye saw…


Upholstered Bike! With Upholstered Bike Lock! Wheeeeee!

Ok, so how is an upholstered bike (and bike lock) relevant to marketing? Here's how: Because it's Random Goodness. Why on earth would someone do this? Because they freakin' felt like it, that's why. And you know what? It got results. Not only did this random act of upholstery brighten our day, it got us to stop, snap a photo, upload said photo, and blog about the whole thing.
Something to consider the next time you're using accounting spreadsheets and a bloodless Checklist Of Important-Sounding Marketing Buzzwords to judge the efficacy of your creative.

People like Random Goodness. They respond to it. Why? Because they freakin' feel like it.

Look for more All-Seeing Eye in the future, and please feel free to send us your submissions.