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March 1st, 2010

Your Commute – Now With Extra Bacon.


Cross the Bay Bridge a lot? Then you’ll be seeing a lot of Mortar.  

If you didn't catch our mention on Adrants on Friday, then listen up: after a long, arduous journey not dissimilar to the Donner Party's, Our Reno Tahoe rebranding effort is taking a few baby steps into the public eye. If you're headed west over the Bay Bridge you'll see these billboards for the next year – so let us take a moment to say that while we strongly encourage a visit to Reno Tahoe, we strongly discourage whipping power u-turns mid-span. One board is powered by Twitter, so follow the tourist board @RenoTahoe if you're thinking of going up. Because a road trip to Reno Tahoe is great, but a road trip with a discount at the end of it is like a road trip wrapped in delicious bacon.