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March 8th, 2011

Refreshing Honesty. Cute Puppies. And The Irresistable Attraction Of The Monkey Bartender.

So, we're totally the first blog to mention this, right? No? Fine. Be that way.
But we would be remiss if we didn't give a nod to smartwater's approach here. By handing out some entertainment while acknowledging that there really isn't that much to say about smartwater, they made an awkward "Hi, We're A Big Dumb Corporation, Would You Like To Buy Some Water In A Bottle That Will Probably End Up, Ironically, Polluting Other Water?"-moment into something relatable and fun.  

In a world of "global leaders" running around "revolutionizing" things, self-deprecating humor stands out like Cary Grant in a room full of Carrot Tops.

Plus: Gratuitous Puppies. They're more impossible to resist than monkey bartenders. Well, almost.


Via Adrants.