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February 21st, 2010

Calling all very talented (and budding) Communications Planners and Interns

It’s not every day you get to reinvent the wheel. But here’s a shot. 

Readers of this blog should know we’re dedicated
to shaping conversations between people and brands—out on the big,
brave, slightly bewildering new frontier where social media, PR and
digital/traditional marketing converge. We’re definitely not afraid to
experiment (or to make mistakes along the way).

But that’s tempered by
a grown up, buttoned down (well, sorta) approach to running our

The most important thing? Our business models begins and ends with communications planning (our own special blend of account planning).

So we’re looking for someone who’s part entrepreneur. Part
evangelist. A little quantitative. Supremely intuitive. And every inch a change agent.

You’ll be at the rich, gooey center of an integrated team that
includes account strategists, creatives, media consultants, and PR

To qualify you’ll need at least 1-2+ years of relevant planning/market research experience, including
demonstrated expertise in strategic analysis, market segmentation and
consumer research.

Plus, you’ll need to be able to (behold the bulleted list):

  • Provide leadership on brand initiatives
  • Drive big ideas across multiple channels/platforms
  • Experiment with/be inspired by social media
  • Integrate new cultural trends and research tools
  • Translate findings into clear, actionable strategies
  • Write compelling positioning documents and briefs
  • Envelop clients and consumers in your god/godess-like aura

Part-timers are strongly encouraged to apply–we’re particularly keen
to hear from experienced practitioners who are itching to get back in the
game (you know who you are).

Oh, and you’ll need a sense of humor. Or, at the very least, be able to laugh in the face of intense pressure.

And be able to laugh at yourself. And us. Definitely. Too much to ask?
You tell us.

Send a resume and brief email to: subject “Jnr. Planner”
at thatsme@mortaragency.com.