Feb. 5th, 2007

$2.7 million disappointment

Today in the ad world everyone is Monday morning QB-ing the array of creative talent that was on display yesterday afternoon. In addition to the talk of best and worst, I thought I would question the ads that just felt out of place.

When you have a chance to reach as big of an audience as the Super Bowl boasts, why do advertisers waste it by not trying?  As much as I hate to give them anymore mentions for their lack of effort, I think this should be addressed.

The feeling is a complete let down. You’re watching the game and every time it breaks for commercial the anticipation of a good laugh, a clever situation or at least some crazy animals is awaited with feverish excitement.  Instead you get the same commercial you just saw last Thursday night or worse a new commercial that is just as boring and forgettable as every other ad, every other day.

I mean this is the Super Bowl folks, you just paid an outrageous amount of money for 30 seconds worth of undying attention from  a huge audience. DO SOMETHING CREATIVE! Don’t treat this as just another 30 second spot. 

Here are some of the worst offenders:

Honda: Fuel Efficient …Honda Cars weave in and out of a gas pump.

Honda: CR-V car is glitzy with a Elvis song in the background.
IZOD: ???? Preppy clothes are cool?
Honda: Ridgeline… a pick-up that holds a lot of cargo.
T-Mobile: Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley.
SalesGenie.com: Get 100 leads and your life instantly is better.
Lexus: Drop car from helicopter.

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