Jan. 18th, 2007

Sony gets golden poo for best Flog


1,049 visitors to the Consumerist nominated Sony’s fake blog site, Alliwantforxmasisapsp.com as the worst fake blog of 2006.

"Sony takes the golden poo, because they should have known better. We
know that Walmart and McDonalds are creepy and they have few scruples
about exploiting a medium to gain market share, but Sony is supposed to
be better. Sure, they can come across as a little cold and bitchy, but
at least "cool." Not engaging in the lamest attempt to do a pretend
customer blog the world has ever seen…. Now, where do we deliver this award? Do we mail it to the CEO? To
the company that made the blog? Where o where do we fling our golden

Online bloggers it seems love to kick a corporation even when it is down. especially when down, actually. Other flogs of note: WalMart and McDonalds. Repeat after me, thou shalt not create a flog, thous shalt… 

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