Sep. 13th, 2007

Shock Me, Amadeus!


Apparently, trash culture did not begin with Britney. 
Did you know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
once wrote a song called  Leck Mich Im Arsch
(Loose translation: "Lick My Ass." )
It’s true.

The lyrics:

Kiss my ass!
Let us be glad!
Grumbling is in vain!
Growling, droning is in vain,
is the true bane of life,
Droning is in vain,
Growling, droning is in vain, in vain!
Thus let us be cheerful and merry, be glad!

Solid advice, maestro.


The Mozart brand is probably safe, even if he doesn’t have Chris Crocker to defend his honor.

Danke schoen, (the new and improved) Boing-Boing!

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