Mar. 31st, 2008

Settle Down, People. It’s Just A Post About Green Energy.


From the ever-intrepid reporters at Jalopnik:

"Dansk Olie og NaturGas (DONG) has announced it will be partnering with Renault and Shai Agassi to develop Denmark’s electric vehicle infrastructure. DONG is a big swinger in the gas supply world and also has about 600 MW of installed wind turbines — a perfect fit for the EV market. DONG will be rolling its system out first in Copenhagen in 2009 with 100 cars, and then spreading its stations across the land with up to 20% of the market as EVs by 2020.

At the heart of the system will be a battery capable of being swapped in and out repeatedly at a service plaza. In a press event on the topic, DONG brought an example of the battery which will be used in the cars, but would not allow photographs of its unit."

In keeping with Mortar’s reputation as a leader in green industries, we will pointedly avoid making any juvenile references about DONG’s size, stamina, position in the market, or any of that rubbish.

In fact, we applaud DONG’s leadership in this initiative.  Somebody has to point the way.

With their DONG.

ED: Hey!


P.S. We are so not sorry. Dong!


  • Apr. 3rd, 2008

    I’d say this is the biggest thing since Wang went down – the computer company, that is. Dong should really open up the energy industry, deeply penetrating every segment of the market, which could become pregnant with possibilities. Just one question: At their press conference, did anybody see a small pink rabbit playing a marching band drum? Just wondering…

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