Aug. 21st, 2012

Putting The Awesome In Your Dog – Vol. 2

Hey, you know what’s exciting? Narrow, hair-raising escapes.

“Most impressive, Mr. Bond. Most impressive.”


You know what’s not exciting?

Talking about features. Unless your feature is a surfing cat or a laser cannon or a surfing cat with a laser cannon, most people won’t care about whatever whizbang you’re trying to sell. Unless you’re Eat24 and your brand = Random and Funny. Then everybody cares about what you have to say, if only because they like the way you say it.

Which brings us to “Restraining Order” and “Solve For Pi,” the second and third entries in our new campaign:

Were those fleeting seconds of goodness enough for you to fully-understand-and-internalize Eat24 Notes or Split The Check? Probably not. Are you now somewhat more likely to go check these wonderful features out? (OK, after you stop watching the surfing cat. We know it’s mesmerizing.)


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