Jan. 15th, 2007

PR works: survey of online shoppers provides measure of PR success.

Here’s an idea for those of you PR doubters. Why not ask site visitors how they came to hear of your site?

A recent survey of holiday buyers on a client’s ecommerce Website revealed that nearly one third of site visitors can be attributed to PR activity. Verbatim from the email:

"Just thought you’d like to see the responses to one of the questions I slipped in the survey we ran with 4th quarter buyers:

Question: How did you first hear about XYZ.com?


And of those who answered other it was pretty much 1/3 article 1/3 website 1/3 crazy

This tells me close to 30%  (article + TV+ Other)  found us based on PR type activities.   At least that is my interpretation…"

Careful readers will note that the site attracted 3,800 buyers, too.  Want to know more, contact MortarPR here.

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