Jun. 14th, 2006

Pandora’s Squeezebox

Fans of Internet radio rejoice. Pandora, from the Music Genome Project, has arrived.

File under "how did I ever live without this". Pandora is the online music station for your inner DJ.  Simply enter the bands or artists you like and it’ll stream similar songs to you all day long. Unlike iTunes and other web radio services, Pandora provides a more interactive experience — its kind of like Amazon’s "if you liked this book, you’ll love these" service.

Like that? You’ll love this. 

Squeezebox is a $250 gizmo that streams web radio (like its partner Pandora and the now positively venerable iTunes) wirelessly through your stereo.

But perhaps most interesting is the business partnership between these two.

Pandora is subscription based. You get to listen for so long, or to so many songs before paying a small fee. Seems like a fair deal to me. I get to test out the service first. Establish whether it fills a gap in my life (it does) and pay accordingly.

And to help me with my listening enjoyment, Pandora offers me Squeezebox so I can rock out away from my Mac.

Pandora no doubt gets a spiv from Pandora in the form of a revenue share on Squeezebox sales.

Another perfect example of an web symbiosis. Just like Orbitz crossing selling hotels and vacation packages to complement travel plans, and eBay offering bonds to guarantee online purchases.

Note from the Viral Monitor: Pandora made its debut here at Mortar about five weeks ago in an email from an account services colleague. And the first Squeezebox was delivered to one of the CDs two weeks ago.

I’m going to be putting in my order soon. 

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