Jan. 6th, 2007

MortarBlog selects top 5 promotions of 2006.

1. Apple’s Mac meets PC. Simple concept. Clear cut art direction. Breathtaking simplicity. This is just one in the series. Click through to see more.


2. Careerbuilder.com’s Monk-e-Mail for better ROI than the Superbowl and superb integration between the Web and your phone (click here for a sample).

3. The BackSeat Driver handbook from VW.

Being a backseat is not a right. It’s a privilege. And a
responsibility. What you will learn from this handbook…” and so on. The
booklet is then filled with useful information including the drink to
bladder ratio at which point a driver will need to stop the car. (A
driver is only good for 30 minutes on a 32 ounce coffee, for example.)
The final pages include an exam and official plastic Backseat Driver License. This is more fun than German engineering
."- MarketingBlurb. See all the pages here.


4. The Art of Shaving. "Philips knew it couldn’t hawk its unique "Bodygroom" shaver — designed
to help a man shave hair on his back, chest and intimate body areas —
on a mass medium like TV. The product wasn’t for everyone, and might
even be seen as offensive. So the company’s ad agency, Tribal DDB, went
the lighthearted route — creating a Web site starring a man wearing a
bathrobe chatting about what the shaver could do. To get the word out,
the agency alerted friends of employees…(the) public-relations firm Manning Selvage & Lee also helped drive
traffic to the site by getting the product mentioned on Howard Stern’s
program on Sirius Satellite Radio.
"- WSJ Suzanne Vranica, Brian Steinberg. Click here to see the site.

5. Paco wins Old Navy’s mascot search.
The promotion (profiled on MortarBlog in June 2006) attracted hundreds of thousands of dog lovers. Old Navy announced the winner in July.


From the release:

"SAN FRANCISCO – July 26, 2006 – Paco has that Old Navy magic! Old Navy is thrilled to announce the winner of the brand’s nationwide search for a new canine “spokesdog.” America has chosen Paco − the fun-loving, free-spirited dog from Venice Beach, CA − to be Old Navy’s new mascot, Magic. Paco edged out the five other finalists to claim the title and will replace the much-loved mutt Magic who appeared in the company’s advertisements in the late nineties. The new Magic will go on to star in upcoming Old Navy advertising and, like the original, become part of the brand’s history…

From April 24 through May 29, 2006, the search for the new Magic was open to dog owners throughout the U.S. and Canada. Contestants submitted their dog’s photo and personality profile online or by attending one of four casting call events held throughout the month of May. Thousands turned up at the events to get their photos snapped and to enjoy dog treats and activities. In addition, Old Navy made a series of financial donations to local animal charities in each city of the Canine Casting Call tour to help animals in those communities.

A panel of celebrity judges – including Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Alfre Woodard (“Desperate Housewives”), Malcolm David Kelley (“Lost”), Kristin Chenoweth (“RV” and “The West Wing”), Betty White (“Golden Girls”), and celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden – selected the finalists from more than 120,000 entries based upon appearance and personality from each dog’s online profile.

Magic first appeared in an Old Navy back-to-school campaign in July 1995. He went on to star in more than 60 ads, becoming an icon for the brand. Magic co-starred with the late style icon Carrie Donovan as well as actors and personalities including Morgan Fairchild, Ivana Trump and Liz Smith. His last appearance was in the Spring of 2001. "


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