Sep. 15th, 2008

“Oh yeah? Take THAT!”


There’s a concept in this business we call "ad," known as "malicious obedience." Here’s how it works:

CLIENT: "Make the logo bigger."

CREATIVE DEPARTMENT: "Oh yeah? You want the logo bigger? We’ll make the freakin’ logo bigger..."

…And then the logo covers the whole ad, making nobody happy.

Malicious obedience is not a practice we generally advocate. It’s childish (we don’t mind that part,) and it solves nothing. (Well, it feels good for about a minute…)

This poster, however, would be an exception. The MPAA thought Kevin Smith’s original poster for Zack and Miri Make A Porno was too racy. So he resubmitted the one on the right, which we like much better, and not just because it keeps us from having to look at Seth Rogen’s overexposed, undershaved mug. Just look at all that copy! 

Yay, malicious obedience!

Yay, Boing-Boing!

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