Aug. 19th, 2009

Officer Down.

RENO 911!
Deputy Garcia's Funeral
Joe Lo Truglio Funny Cop Videos

We are crushed to announce the recent cancellation of Comedy Central's RENO 911. Officers, you were an inspiration to us all. We present this PNSFW (Probably Not Safe For Work – why what did you think it stood for?) video in memoriam.

NOTE: This does not, repeat not mean you can just go to Reno and launch a crime spree. In the words of Deputy Travis Junior: "If a terrorist wanted to commit a crime in Reno, well, he's never been to Reno."

Those were funny words. Let's have some more of those.

DEPUTY TRAVIS JUNIOR: I think if I were interested in law enforcement, I would be much better at it.

LIEUTENANT JIM DANGLE: I think that goes for most of us. When you are interested in something, you want to learn about and you get better at it. Like my interest in musical theater.

DEPUTY TRAVIS JUNIOR: You gotten better at it?

LIEUTENANT JIM DANGLE: No, but I’m interested in it.

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