Jan. 13th, 2009

Myspace… Facebook… Twitter… Daytum?

Regardless of the many naysayers of Twitter, you can't deny that 752% growth in 2008 is quite a feat. But how sustainable is the Twitter platform? With Facebook status updates quickly looking a lot like tweets, I have a hard time believing that Twitter is here for the long haul.

What's next? Perhaps Daytum. Currently in private BETA, Daytum is a blog-like or Facebook profile-like community for sharing your personal data. If people are this into sharing the makeup of their minutes in tweets, sharing all aspects of daily lives might be the logical progression – minutes late, jackets worn, drinks drank, and more.

Picture 3

It's certainly good looking and interesting. And the founder's annual report is a gorgeous way of summing up all the little actions that make up a person's year.


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