Jan. 8th, 2013

Mortar Feverishly Hunts Down Account Coordinator/Cheetah.

We’re looking for an account coordinator with 1-2 years work experience to maintain day-to-day relations with our mid-level clients. The right person for the job will be flexible, move quickly, and be super-sharp. (Apparently, we’re hiring a knife-wielding cheetah.) So, if you’re a smooth-talking cheetah who packs a switchblade, perfect. If you’re a smooth-talking cheetah who packs a switchblade, and you’re also good with administrivia like this:

  • Creating schedules and estimates
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Strong presentation formatting and writing skills preferred
  • Basic accounting
  • Compiling media reports
  • Keywords advertising
  • Lead generation and Adwords training
  • Video editing/creation
  • Recruiting/interviewing

…you might just get the gig.

1-2 years of ad agency experience required.

If you’re a Mac person, that’s a plus.

Keynote, Excel, and Pages ninja? Plus-plus.


Stuff You’ll Do All Day (Besides Stalking Thomson’s Gazelles):

1. Create detailed client timelines and manage budgets.

2. Be directly involved with scheduling, and day-to-day client relations.

3. Assist with client billing and invoicing.

4. Negotiate image rights and costs.

5. Collaborate with the planning and creative teams to relay client needs.

6. Write meeting agendas, and take thorough meeting notes.

7. Manage project revisions.

8. Answer phones/the door/fanmail.

9. Handle the printing, scanning, and filing of financial documents.

10. Put together presentations and case study documents.

11. Support senior staff: scheduling, organizing, and the like.


So to sum up – you’re fast, you’re smart, you’re a nice person, and most of all, you don’t need to be told stuff. You figure out what needs doing and you do it. In return, we’ll give you intensive experience in every aspect of this business we call integrated-branding-and-communications, plus a paycheck. There will also be cocktails. Or whatever cheetahs like.

Enthusiastic predators, send your resume and cover letter to alexa@mortaragency.com.

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