Oct. 21st, 2009

More proof animals can sell

20091021_cadbury_gorilla_18 If you're wrestling with whether to follow the lead of Geico's Gekko, Aflac's Duck or The Jolly Green Giant, Cadbury's have a lesson for you. Remember that spot we posted back in 2007 with the drumming Gorilla? well according to an official spokesperson that ad alone helped drive a 10% increase in Cadbury's sales. Quote: 

"….It's a phenomenal amount.

Ben Walker says the commercial also changed advertising by opening
companies up to more exciting ideas. He sat on a jury that voted it one
of the best ads of the year.

From then on, the question in corporate boardrooms has been…

WALKER: What's the next Gorilla, we want the next one of those, yeah."

NPR continues:

of the ads have run in the U.S., but Cadbury's Tony Bilsborough says
they've received millions of hits on You Tube, and inspired dozens of
homemade spoofs from all over the world.

BILSBOROUGH: The advertising itself has actually made Cadbury — the brand — cool again.

And cool is something Kraft will probably have to pay extra for."

Food for thought. Full story here.

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