Feb. 1st, 2007

Boston flips the bird to Cartoon Network.

MooniniteseBay has Mooninites for $1,215.00.

What? You missed that two operatives for New York-based Interference Inc. are being prosecuted for executing a guerilla stunt for Adult Swim?

The campaign brought Boston to a stand still yesterday.

The neon systems featured exposed wires and batteries — sparking what was tantamount to the biggest bomb scare since 9/11.  CNN reports:

"Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens were released on $2,500 bail, said Mike Rich, their attorney. The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for March 7. Both men were cooperative with authorities, and neither has a previous criminal record in Massachusetts, Grossman said.

At a news conference after the hearing, Stevens and Berdovsky stepped to the microphones and said they were taking questions only about 1970s hairstyles.

When a reporter accused them of not taking the situation seriously, Stevens responded, "We’re taking it very seriously." Asked another question about the case, Stevens reiterated they were answering questions only about hair and accused the reporter of not taking him and Berdovsky seriously.

Reporters did not relent and as they continued, Berdovsky disregarded their queries, saying, "That’s not a hair question. I’m sorry."

Um. No. We’re not making this up. See full article here.

Hey Julie, looks like there will be an opening at Turner very soon….

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