Jan. 28th, 2009

“Marvin And Kitten” – A Mortarblog Original Series.

Introducing Marvin and Kitten, starring the ghost of Oscar-winning actor Lee Marvin as himself, and Adorable Orange Kitten, played by an adorable orange kitten. In each episode, we’ll see how creative and media stand up to the take-no-prisoners sensibilities of Lee Marvin…as well as the soft, gentle play-with-string-and-fall-asleep aesthetic of an Adorable Orange Kitten.

Let’s meet the players:


LEE MARVIN: February 19, 1924 – August 29, 1987

American film actor known for playing villains, soldiers, and other hard-boiled characters. Won 1965 Best Actor Oscar for Cat Ballou. 
PFC, US Marine Corps, sniper, 4th Marine Division. Awarded Purple Heart for being shot in ass at Battle of Saipan.  Died over 20 years ago, yet can still kick your ass.

HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO PATIENCE FOR: Consensus-building, light beer, people who say "synergy," small dogs, "playing it safe."



Kitten. Known for batting at things, leaping, playing with string. Obsessed with “cheezburgers.” Ironically, has never seen Cat Ballou. 
Is just the cutest wittle thing you ever saw yes he is yes he is yes he is.

IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF: Risk, danger, peril, uncertainty, "seeming too smart," angry letters, small dogs, and taking chances.

And now, to our first interview…

A pleasure to meet you both.

LEE MARVIN: “Tequila. Straight. Now.”

ADORABLE ORANGE KITTEN: “O hai. I can haz cheezburger?”

MORTARBLOG: We’ll send out for tequila and cheeseburgers, yes. So, the Super Bowl is coming up. Three million dollars a spot. I’ve got a sneak preview to show you. Let’s look at this work from Denny’s. Molly, can you roll the clip?

LEE MARVIN: “I like Denny’s. Nothing like a "Moons Over My Hammy" after a night on the town with Borgnine. That guy’s a friggin’ maniac. And I like Goodby. But you know what I hate? I hate teaser ads. They make you think something really great is going to happen later. But it rarely does. So rarely does. Kinda makes me want to shoot the director in the face.”

MORTARBLOG: Ooooooooooookay. Is that tequila here yet? No? All right, Kitten, you’re up.

AOK: “I can haz wesolution? Also, music was scawy. Bweakfast not scawy.”

MORTARBLOG: Well, there you have it. “Shoot the director in the face,” versus “scawy bweakfast.” We look forward to much more in-depth conversation with you both.

AOK: “Where cheezburger? You pwomised!

LEE MARVIN: “The little pussy’s right.” (jacks .45 round into chamber, stares menacingly.)

Stay tuned for more exciting creative commentary and new media explorations with Lee Marvin and Adorable Orange Kitten, and be sure not to miss The Marvin and Kitten Super Bowl Special! Coming this Monday, only at the Mortarblog.

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