Dec. 3rd, 2008

M4W: “Single, Successful Italian Seeks Princess; Loves Mushrooms, Adventure…”


Remember about two posts ago when we were talking about allowing consumers to participate in your brand?

The other day, we were walking through Montgomery station, and there was a little jazz trio there, and we started humming along with the music, thinking to ourselves: “What is this song? Is it from a TV show? A movie?’s the Super Mario Brothers Theme!” Similarities between a MUNI ride and chasing an ungrateful princess through fields of homicidal mushrooms notwithstanding, we were intrigued. Turns out, our buds at VH1’s Best Week Ever are calling it “our generation’s Dark Side of the Moon.” While that may be hyperbole, the devotion of Mario fans is undeniable. The picture above shows a 17,000-pushpin student tribute to Mario. And the video below? An actual love song about the brand.

Imagine how freaking cool it would be if Nintendo made this a spot!

AgencySpy, you advance to the next level.

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