Apr. 19th, 2007

Love Your Underwear; Love Your Brand

Hott Undies

Underwear, Brand Loyalty? Think about it – is there any other piece of clothing that shows more brand loyalty than your underwear?

Today’s New York Times article "But What If You Get Hit By A Taxi?" clearly shows how the men’s underwear market is heating up.

It makes sense, in a society where we are constantly ambushed by all sorts of brands – do we ever stop to think about what kind of underwear we are wearing and why?  When I buy toothpaste I prefer Crest, when I buy coffee I want Starbucks and after reading the article "But What If You Get Hit By A Taxi?," I realize I like Hanky Panky. I never thought of my brand loyalty to Hanky Panky being quite like this.

The equation makes sense: Underwear = Brand Loyalty

Who knows – this might be the one area where we can escape some of the media’s influence and make a personal decision on our own. Nobody really knows what underwear makes us feel most comfortable, stylish and and confident (well, maybe Mortar360 can figure it out with their advanced consumer research techniques).

But, after all, underwear should be kept personal. Even though, I’ll let the cat out of the bag –  I am completely devoted 100% to Hanky Panky.

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