May. 23rd, 2007


Apple’s famously recognizable silhouettes are making their way from brand to brand and has now jumped into a new industry: sex toys. Check out the iGasm.

Igasm1_2C’mon Apple, talk about giving the world some leverage with a great idea like silhouettes and a simple lowercase “i.” 

G-rated companies like ivillage, itools and ifilm have already showed themselves to the public. But this new iGASM’ may spark an entire new trend in the X-rated community with x-rated, sexual jargon beginning with that famous, influential baby “i.”

Who knows, the new iGasm may bump up sales for Apple in the UK.

Do we see a new X-rated brand identity for Apple in the future? Probably not, but one never knows what Steve Jobs and his brilliant team of innovators are cooking up.

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