May. 23rd, 2008

If the MortarBlog had a smell, it would definitely, definitely be bacon.

If you’ve been reading the MortarBlog for awhile, you may have noticed that we have a slightly unhealthy obsession with bacon. (Do you blame us?)

At the news of two tech guys who quit their jobs to bring the flavor of bacon to everything ever eaten by man (except maybe ice cream), somehow without the use of cute innocent pigs, the urge to "click here to learn more" became irresistible.

I clicked. I read about Bacon Salt. I considered ordering some online. Then I thought, "Maybe, if I do a blog post, we can use the Mortar Condiment Fund to buy some and then all of Mortar will get to try it!" (I realize this would involve the creation of a Mortar Condiment Fund. My only concern is that it might take away from the Mortar Beer Fund. But just imagine the possibilities if they could co-exist in harmony: Corona with a dash of Bacon Salt, anyone?)

So in a desperate effort to make Bacon Salt relate to advertising, (they don’t have any ads yet as far as I can tell) I am sharing with you some of the funny testimonials from the website.

They include:

"Bacon Salt bitch-slaps the flavor of bacon into  anything and everything it touches."

"Why would you have fries if you could have BACON  fries??"

"…you could season one of your knit socks [with it] and suck out  it out through the fibers."

And my favorite:

"When  you put Bacon Salt on mashed potatoes, they try to eat themselves."

So the next time you find yourself at Mortar, maybe we’ll have some and we can all share a round Coronas with Bacon Salt.      



Thanks AdRants! You guys are a reliable and informative source of bacon/advertising news.

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