Jul. 20th, 2007

“I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell the truth.”

In a recent post, we marveled over the stampeding crowds trying to get their paws on the limited edition Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag” totes sold at Whole Foods. But as our friend over at freakgirl points out, the bags are produced under unethical conditions in China.


Which points to another green buzzword – greenwashing. Now that green is “in”, the concern is that some companies are marketing products under false, green pretenses. But Anya Hindmarch claims they never set out to create a sustainable product. They were simply designing a fashionable alternative to plastic bags.

Fair enough. But if a company is operating anywhere near the green movement, they better learn fast if they want to be seen as credible. Today’s consumer, especially when we’re talking LOHAS, demands the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the products they purchase. Full disclosure is critical. Even, it seems, if the whole truth includes some not-so-pretty details. Like manufacturing in China. LOHAS consumers are OK with imperfection. But they’ll do far more than stampede if they find out a product wasn’t as eco-friendly as it was made out to be.

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