Nov. 12th, 2008



MORTARBLOG: "We love a good pun around these parts, and this headline…"

READERS: "Shut up. You just wanted an excuse to talk about the Giants. What does this have to do with marketing, anyway?"

MORTARBLOG: "Well, um, see, um, it's a headline, and we write headlines, and um…"

READERS: "And, um, spare us. You're totally in the tank for the Giants. Just admit it."

MORTARBLOG: "No, really! It's a conversation about mass media and…"

READERS: (glowering incredulously) "Don't make us come up there."


READERS: "Grab some pine, meat."

P.S. Yay, Timmah!

P.P.S. Tommy Lasorda is the devil.

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