Oct. 21st, 2006

H-P: A personal bad lieutenant?

Hpvisual_1 AdWeek asks if the new H-P campaign cuts too close to the recent boardroom scandal. Here.

While the self-inflicted carnage at H-P continues to run its course, (see this front page article from Thursday’s Journal "I spy. How H-P kept tabs on me for a year." by a Journal reporter. Ouch. Here.)

Mortarmark has to wonder what kind of questions are being raised about positioning a H-P Personal Computer as the best place to keep personal information, when, well, HP is probably the last company we should trust with our personal data.

Pity poor Goodby. One hopes the brand cops at HP can withstand the flack. As we have noted before, the new campaign for HP is thrilling. See "H-P’s computers are personal again". Here.

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