Feb. 14th, 2007

Gain an “Optical Inch”

Think nothing’s wrong with your overgrown Twig & Berries? Think again…

Screenshot_23Men, in our infinite mulish simplemindedness,
tend to think all body parts are just supposed to work and all the
stuff growing on our backs and thighs and groinal regions looks damn
fine as it is no matter how tangled and shaggy and utterly
extraterrestrial it might appear and how often our lovers cringe and
shudder at the sight of us naked. Besides, there’s little we can do
about it anyway. Right?


Gaze, won’t you, at Philips Norelco’s latest and surprisingly bold viral Internet ad campaign from 2006, found on www.shaveeverywhere.com

Have some fun on the site… I recommend the music video.

And be sure to read the entire hilarious article "How To Shave The Modern Male: In which a helpful corporate giant encourages you to please groom your crotch."  By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist.

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