Nov. 29th, 2006

Following Target’s lead, Home Depot turns to product design to fire-up sales.

"The new fire extinguisher with the smooth lines of a martini shaker is the centerpiece of a new line of Home Depot products, called Orange Works, that will be unveiled today and begin appearing in stores next fall.

"The Orange Works project is a collaboration between the retailer and Arnell Group, a New York marketing and design company that is a division of Omnicom Group Inc. Such private-label products have become a retailing trend, helping to differentiate what might otherwise be commoditized goods. They also typically carry fatter profit margins…

"Home Depot expects the line’s first three products to generate sales of $250 million the first year — a fraction of 1% of the company’s expected $90 billion in 2007 sales. But Chief Executive Robert Nardelli says he expects the new line to bring additional traffic that will result in increased residual sales."

Brand advocates rejoice, the new fire extinguisher is called a  ‘Home Hero’. 

And in a somewhat provocative move it appears to be silver and not red.  One wonders if that was a smart move?

Read more here (Wall Street Journal online, a subscription may be required).

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