Jan. 14th, 2007

Fly the Virgin Skies

Have you been reading about Richard Branson’s new airline Virgin America? I have been seeing it all over the news, so I finally checked out their website, and found this: Name Our Planes! A cool flash viral with a contest to, you guessed it, name a plane in their yet-to-be-born fleet. You can see what other names people have submitted, sort the names by fun categories like horoscope sign, gender, and favorite holiday. You can even vote on other submitted names – in a clone of "hot or not" – does the name "fly or not." 


Unfortunately, you don’t get a worldwide open-ended airline ticket, an inaugural ride on your newly-christened plane, or anything bling like that. Winners "receive a commemorative rendering of their Virgin America airplane with
the name he/she submitted printed on the plane. Worth $300." Big Whoop! This from the man who is worth over $6 billion and has his own spaceship.


  • Ron
    Jan. 15th, 2007

    Chuckle, I enjoyed the contest! Was able to get a couple of names submitted but my web browser had issues with the website. Would love to see “Little Nelly” on one of their planes but at this rate they might not even get off the ground…

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