Aug. 16th, 2007

Diva Services

Sunday is a new company offering 24/7 personal assistance over the internet.

For 30 bucks a month you get 30 task requests; users can just write an email to
have any task taken care of. Book your flights or find a hotel and make reservation. You can give them the name of your doctor and get an appointment. Pretty much anything. They have a whole suite of concierge type services for you to pick from wake up calls, information gathering, etc. Short of time? Can’t find away to run errands? They’ll take care of it for the small fee of $20 per hour.

I see this as a whole new trend of offering diva services via online. There is a market of time strapped people who can’t afford these luxuries in the traditional sense. With the net as a distribution system there is a whole suite of services. Brands should be looking at this as missed opportunity, there are people who are willing to pay for "velvet rope" services no matter what category. Our suggestion is figure out how your brand can integrate these kind of seemingly exclusive offers into your brands and products. 

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