Jun. 10th, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution.

One Guy Dancing = Freaker.

Two Guys Dancing = Get A Room. Or At Least, Dance Lessons.

Three Guys Dancing = Dance Party!

Seth Godin brings up the important point that…

"…Before (Guy #3,) it was just a crazy dancing guy and then maybe one other crazy guy. But it's guy #3 who made it a movement.
Initiators are rare indeed, but it's scary to be the leader.
Guy #3 is rare too, but it's a lot less scary and just as important.
Guy #49 is irrelevant. No bravery points for being part of the mob.
We need more guy #3s"

Via our pal Catalina, at Catalista.


  • Jun. 10th, 2009

    Come on, Hugh! I was Girl #53 and believe me, I was far from irrelevant.

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