Apr. 8th, 2013

Convercent Rescues Industry from Snake Pit of Mediocrity.

Hey, boys and girls! Who wants to talk about the exciting world of compliance?? WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! Now don’t fight; you’ll all get to pick a topic. There’s corporate governance, policy management, incident reporting…so many goodies to choose from!

Alright, seriously, though. No one gets excited to hear about compliance. Why? Because the GRC industry has done a commendable job of making itself feel as horrifically staid and unexciting as possible. And while the work companies do in this space certainly requires a level of formality, the solutions they offer and the way they talk about them don’t.

The folks at Convercent were the only ones who seemed to realize that. Our client decided to turn the industry on its head – blatantly breaking the rules in a rule-centric category. Rather than weigh on the fear of what happens when people don’t obey the rules, Convercent focuses on the awesomeness that comes from when everyone does. Their philosophy led them to question everything – from why there wasn’t a single, human-friendly tool to manage all aspects of the job, to why all GRC advertising and websites were so excruciatingly dry.



They started with a name that conveys fluency, openness, and proficiency. So we made them a clean, sharp logo that gets those ideas across. (They almost chose an upside down logo, to give you an idea of how determined they are to turn heads. Or strain neck muscles.)



Add to that a crisp, human-friendly website, business cards, presentation templates, and infographics, and we gave Convercent a whole new visual and written language to speak in. Unlike other GRC websites that make you want to run away screaming, Convercent’s actually invites you in.




We appreciate a client who’s not afraid to take risks – whether they’re freaking people out in an airport, or uprooting the status quo. Here’s to making risk-taking the norm.

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