Oct. 31st, 2006

Clusty Cloud Creator

This is a very easy, cool tool.

What’s a Clusty Cloud?

From: http://cloud.clusty.com/

A Clusty Cloud is a tool that webmasters or bloggers can use to instantly visualize a topic using the familiar tag cloud display. What makes the Clusty Cloud unique is that you can create a cloud based on any topic or query – you don’t need tags or months of content on a subject to create an interesting cloud.

Clouds are generated using our search results for the topic you enter.
Since the tags you see come from Clusty, you can click on any of them
to go to Clusty’s search results. Using Clusty to generate the cloud
also ensures that it is always up-to-date because the clusters are
generated in real-time.

 What do you do with a Clusty Cloud?

the Clusty Cloud for individual blog posts, blog sidebars, your
personal site or any other web page. You can also customize the look of your Clusty Cloud to match your site or topic.

Like this:

Loading Clusty Cloud …


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