Apr. 14th, 2008

Clorox cleans up pretty.

Last year, many of us ("us" being people with pretty hardcore lip balm addictions, or just an unusual interest in mergers and acquisitions) were surprised to find out that Clorox had diverged from it’s normal toxic cleaning-chemicals fame, and bought the natural skin care products company Burt’s Bees. "WTF?" most of us asked. Some feared that the integrity of Burt’s products would be compromised. Others, myself included, wondered if this was a sign that Clorox was taking a turn down a more Earth-friendly path. I was curious to see what the bleach makers would do next. Was there finally a mainstream line of eco-friendly cleaners in store?

This morning, while flipping through National Geographic and enjoying a slice of whole wheat toast with organic blackberry jam (It was on sale. Shut up.) I came across an ad from Clorox, touting their new line of eco-friendly cleaners.


I so totally called it.

And, Clorox, you guys rock.

Check out the product line here.

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