Feb. 19th, 2009

C’est Vrai?


"American commercials go from the head to the wallet, British ones
from the head to the heart, French, from the heart to the head…We stress sex and wit in our
ads because that’s our culture,” Mr. Martin, the union chief, said.
“Advertising is about presenting an idealized view of its audience. And
this is who we would like to think we are.”"

This and much more goodness in In France, Ads Aim at Heart, Not Wallet in the New York Times.

This very interesting article makes us wonder – are the French really that much more soulful, or are we just so much more used to television advertising that we expect a certain Setup/Punchline/Sell paradigm to be obeyed?

Have a glass of wine, ponder the hopelessness of existence and let us know your thoughts.

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