Mar. 20th, 2008

April Fool’s Day: in-uh-proh-pree-it?

I’ve never thought of agency folk as tightwads, but apparently some of our fellow ad peeps have deemed April Fool’s Day jokes inappropriate for the workplace:

“Employees tempted to fill the boss’s office with balloons or plant
whoopee cushions in their coworkers’ chairs this April Fools’ Day may
want to think twice. Seven out of 10 (71 percent) marketing executives
polled by The Creative Group consider April Fools’ jokes unsuitable for
the office. The responses were more evenly split among advertising
executives, with about half (51 percent) finding workplace pranks
appropriate versus 45 percent who gave a thumbs down.” (courtesy of Agency Spy)

But never fear. "Inappropriate" is our favorite buzzword at the Mortar:

in·ap·pro·pri·ate [in-uhproh-pree-it]
not proper or suitable; highly entertaining and worthy of praise.

Who wants to Vaseline the doorknobs and saran wrap the toilet seats with me?

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