May. 30th, 2013

A Campaign a 5-Year-Old Could Have Done.

This one goes out to all our elementary school teachers. To the straight-edged disciplinarians who scrubbed our mouths out with soap. Look at us now, Mrs. Vierk. For our most recent digital campaign just proved that poop jokes can sell.

Meet Lumension. They provide IT security solutions for businesses. It used to be enough to install antivirus software on your network and call it a day. But in recent years, malware has become so sophisticated and pervasive that antivirus alone is no longer enough. To be truly protected, businesses now need both antivirus and something called application control.

Basically, if you’re only using antivirus, your endpoint security is lacking a pretty crucial piece. So we decided to illustrate the consequences of missing some highly critical parts. In an incredibly immature way. (Click the banners to replay them.)


Heheheheheheh. They said “pube.”





Poop. Making humans snort-laugh since 500 B.C.


Perhaps the most rewarding part of this project was the steaming pile of inappropriate-sounding emails it produced. Sample: “Great news, guys! The client loves ‘Pubic.’ They’re not crazy about ‘Baby Hanging,’ however.”

Call us children, but the banners have been performing quite well. Which proves even CIOs like a good pube joke. The next time you catch us giggling over a stranger’s highly detailed junk-shaving instructions on Reddit, leave us alone. We’re working.

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