Jul. 13th, 2012

10 Companies Whose Logos Used to Suck.

Okay, people. Something freaky-maleakey is up. Not only is today Friday the 13th – it’s the third one we’ve had this year. You know what that means. Watch your back today, is all we’re sayin’.

In the spirit, here’s a Friday-kind-of-post for y’all: a then-and-now look at the logo transformations of 10 of today’s biggest companies. It’s worth a gander – the original marks are near unrecognizable. Kind of like how some of the best-looking people start out as the ugliest babies.

For starters, Shell’s first logo looks like a moody 8-year-old drew it. And can you imagine if McDonald’s had blossomed into an international barbecue franchise? “McBBQ” just doesn’t sound right to us. Not one bit.

Of the vintage logos, Kodak and Xerox are probably our favorites. What’re yours?


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