May. 2nd, 2008

The dawn of a new era of not smelling funny.

You may not know this, but San Francisco is a giant, filthy cesspool of bacteria and disease. Or, some of us here at Mortar are just obsessive-compulsive germophobes. (Your own opinion may depend on whether or not you’ve ridden the #38 bus.)
Either way, we go through a LOT of hand sanitizer in this office. A LOT. But there’s a dilemma, see, because on one hand, we want to be eco-friendly and not poison our delicate soft skin with harsh harmful chemicals, but on the other hand we hate germs and we’ll bathe in hydrogen peroxide if we have to.
So I have been on a year-long quest to find the perfect hand sanitizer. It’s been a long road. It started with a gooey squirt of Purell. Refreshing, but slightly sticky. And the ingredients list made me cringe. Then I found a Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer that left my hands feeling soft and clean – but Chris and Sophie (my closest cube neighbors) kept complaining it smelled funny. I pretended not to notice because it was worth it – but they were right, it stunk.
Then I was at Target last weekend, and came across a little white spray bottle in the germophobe aisle. Desperate for anything that was both inoffensive and healthy, I grabbed it without really reading the label.
I brought it to work and gave it a spray. A delicate, limey scent wafted trough the air. Even Sophie liked it. Even after using about three times more than I need (which I do every time) it still smelled pleasant. And it kills germs naturally with fancy (yet mysterious) plant oils that seem to leave my hands softer than ever. Yay!
It’s made by a company called CleanWell right here in San Francisco. They have a very nice website. I’m so impressed. And Sophie and Chris have one less thing to complain about.
Mortar thanks you, CleanWell. Keep up the good work. (But… stay away from me if you’re sick.)


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