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November 12th, 2012

Mortar – Where Attitude Meets Gratitude.

Let’s start off with a shout out to all who serve:


“Today, a proud nation expresses our gratitude. But we do so mindful that no ceremony or parade, no hug or handshake is enough to truly honor that service. For that, we must do more. For that, we must commit—this day and every day—to serving you as well as you’ve served us.”
—President Obama

OK, tissues down.

Speaking of gratitude and those who’ve served with honor, what’s this?


A moving-in gift from Mortar alumni Will Kim? That is just so thoughtful and classy and awesome. Thanks, Will.

Which brings us to the big Veterans’ Day Mortarblog Tie-In. Ready?  In the military, success is about knowing the person next to you has your back. Same principle applies in the trenches of the Mortar. Always has. Always will. If you’re a veteran, talk to us. You may not have traditional experience. But you probably do have perspective we could desperately use.  Also: none of us know how to fire an actual mortar, which seems wrong.

As for the rest of you Mortar veterans, is this a cheap ploy to shame you into sending us spiritous liquors?
We think you know the answer to that.