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September 16th, 2010

Every Purchase Matters

Most people would shop more responsibly if they knew what to look for.

Problem is, our capacity to focus on what’s good and what’s not is short-and-getting-shorter. Instead of lecturing them, we thought it might be nice to say “This is extra-good because…"

Hence a bouncing, baby brand for The Artists Formerly Known As TransFair USA. Check it out:


TransFair USA Changes Name to Fair Trade USA

 Nonprofit Launches New Name and Brand Identity during National Fair Trade Awareness Month in October

OAKLAND, CALIF. (September 21, 2010) – TransFair USA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, today announces that the nonprofit organization will change its name to Fair Trade USA (www.fairtradeusa.org) on October 1, 2010. The updated, simplified name and brand identity will support the organization’s efforts to increase awareness of Fair Trade among a broader consumer audience, increase sales of Fair Trade Certified™ products, and generate more benefits for farmers and workers around the world.  The company’s ethical label–Fair Trade Certified™—will remain the same.

“American consumers and the business community are more eager than ever to embrace the simple concept of better products for a better world. Fair Trade delivers both,” said Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA. “In the past five years, consumer recognition of the Fair Trade Certified label has tripled. By strengthening our brand, we seek to accelerate that momentum and awaken millions of Americans to a simple truth: every purchase matters. Every shopping decision is an opportunity to improve lives, restore hope and protect the planet. Ultimately, we aim to dramatically increase the positive impact of Fair Trade for hardworking farming families around the world.”

Fair Trade empowers consumers to vote with their dollars for fair prices, better working conditions, environmental stewardship, and brighter futures for the people who make the high-quality products that they buy every day.  In 1998, TransFair USA pioneered Fair Trade certification in the United States.  In 12 years, it has helped industry partners and consumers generate nearly $200 million in additional revenues to support community development and sustainable agriculture in farming communities in 70 countries around the world. Today, as Fair Trade USA, the organization works with more than 800 companies to certify more than 6,000 products as Fair Trade. In 2009, Fair Trade Certified products generated $1.2 billion in retail sales. 

Fair Trade USA will transition the organization’s website and marketing materials over the next year, starting with Fair Trade Month, which also kicks off October 1st with the theme “Every Purchase Matters.”  The annual national awareness campaign mobilizes a wide range of corporate, nonprofit, producer and consumer partners through more than 100 events, promotions and fund-raising parties across the United States.  These activities raise awareness of the Fair Trade movement as a comprehensive approach to social, economic and environmental empowerment and sustainability among farming communities in the developing world.