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April 12th, 2011

Hey, Look, It’s A Leading Economic Indicator!


Smearing lava cake all over yourself? Not a disqualification at Mortar.

UPDATE: Now with Actual, Working Email Address. If you submitted a resume before, would you kindly do so again? Apologies…we're crazy-busy.

Mortar is busier than a fat kid at a buffet. Which means, we're hiring.

First up -  Interactive Art Director.

As our shiny new Interactive Art Director you will create engaging, inspiring, interactive design solutions for wide variety of clients. Possibly with glitter. (Not really. Unless it's some sort of interactive glitter.)

Stuff you should have:

  • A strong understanding of user interface design process and methodology, particularly as applied to web-based applications.
  • An ability to organize and deliver multiple design elements of complex, large-scope projects.
  • A sophisticated understanding and use of typography for online media.
  • An online architect’s command of unifying brand, design, and user goals.
  • A solid command of user-experience with a demonstrated experience translating the methods and tenants of user-experience to visual wireframes and functional prototypes.

Skills you should have:

  • Ninja-level proficiency in Adobe CS3/CS4 suite, Flash, ActionScript, Dreamweaver
  • Junior Ninja-level proficiency with development languages and processes. Specifically HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, PHP and JS.
  • A proven history of designing interactive materials that are built using a CMS (i.e. Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine and custom).
  • An excellent online portfolio that demonstrates solid design skills and expertise in web design principles, functionality, and usability standards.
  • 3 to 5 five years experience in a similar role.
  • Willingness to share your expertise with designers.
  • Enthusiasm for websites, mobile, social media and emerging digital technologies. Generally, you have a passion for all things digital. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have read this far.
  • Great client relationship skills as you’ll be working directly with clients at times. Also, pants.
  • Offline and print design history is a plus.

Responsibilities you will have:

  • Work with team to keep projects on time and help set expectations for client.
  • Concept and execute interactive material based on overall brand messaging.
  • Provide strategic design vision for clients and agency.
  • Manage in-house and freelance designers workflow and keep CD informed of issues.
  • Manage project priorities.

Big Finish:
In addition to the obligatory coffee, cigarettes, Skittles™ and beer, we can offer you something even better. The chance to help build a new kind of agency. Start now by emailing samples or a link to your online portfolio to jobs@mortaragency.com. No phone calls, please.

Next up, Interactive Designer.

Here’s you: You’ve got art school, Portfolio Center or similar background as well as 2+ years of professional experience. Naturally, you’ll need a killer portfolio—heavy on graphic design and heavier on brilliant thinking.

You’ve rolled out big web-centric projects before.

You're a nice person.

This will be a 1-3 month freelance or part-time position at first (we want to make sure it’s the right fit for both of us) with excellent potential for full-time. So if you have a full-time job already, this may not be the right gig for you. Also, we can’t consider candidates who live outside the Bay Area. Sorry.

This position requires:

  • A portfolio demonstrating basic understanding of typography, color theory and layout skills.
  • ActionScript, basic HTML and CSS skills (hand-coding knowledge preferred). PHP and other language knowledge a big plus.
  • The ability to work on multiple projects in an efficient, timely manner.
  • Excellent production skills. 
  • Experience with user-interface design
  • Ability to code for cross-browser compatibility.
  • Knowledge of with current interactive trends and features.
  • 2+ years experience in interactive design; client-side or agency.
  • Print design experience desired, but not required. 
  • BFA or comparable preferred.

 Start by sending us an email at jobs@mortaragency.com with a link to your online portfolio. Due to time constraints, we can only respond to candidates we want to interview. And, like we said before, no calls.

Finally, Copywriter. (Intern-level.)

Student? Trust-fund kid? Or just really, really want to be part of the glamour, the drama, the pageantry that is The Copywriter's Life? Give us a couple days a week.  We'll teach you the ways of the forest. We'll also make you do dishes, organize the Unconquerable Mountain Of Tupperware, and bring us coffee, snacks and beer. But we'll also give you a real chance to do real work you can be proud of. (And brochures. Lots of brochures. Let's keep it real up in here.) Our last intern grew up to be a wildly successful, jet-setting Content Strategist – who knows where this thrill ride could take you? You might even find yourself writing for America's Sweetheart, the one and only Mortarblog. In fact, you probably will. (Also: brochures.) Anyway, check it out. It'll be fun, in an exploitative sort of way.


A portfolio. A real portfolio, with Ads And Ad-like Objects in it. Not your short-stories. Not That One Essay You Got An "A" On. We want to see a portfolio -  be it a book or a website or skywriting  – that shows us you can write ads and/or websites. Doesn't have to be produced work – with what's out there these days, we'd almost prefer it weren't. But it does have to be smart.

So, drop us an email at jobs@mortaragency.com. Hopefully this email will contain your resume and a link to your online portfolio. We'll look it over. And hopefully, work something out. No calls. Seriously. The Copy Department is staffed exclusively by Angry Loners Who Don't Trust Them Newfangled Telephone Machines.

OK? OK then.

So…economy solved? Economy solved.
You're welcome, America.